Whether you're looking to get in shape, help save lives or simply keep cool, YMCA Aquatics is for you! We offer swim lessons for both youth and adults, Float for Life programs, competitive and recreational swim teams, water fitness classes, lifeguarding and so much more.

Please read our descriptions and view our chart to learn how to choose a class for your child. 

The YMCA swimming lesson curriculum includes skills in water safety. We also offer individual courses in partnership with Josh the Otter for children ages one to three, designed to teach them life-saving techniques.

The Y offers a variety of options for youth swimming lessons.

Adult swim lessons and a masters swim program provide aquatics activities for adults at all skill levels.

All ages are welcome for private 30-minute swimming instructions.

Swim lessons are available to local daycare centers.

The Y offers various personal training and group exercise classes to help you discover the power of aquatic exercise.

Lifeguard certification and recertification classes are designed to teach and reinforce the fundamentals of lifeguarding.

Enjoy our gyms, take a swim in our indoor and outdoor pools or play Pickleball during our gym hours.

The Lincoln YMCA offers three Summer Recreational Leagues that compete with Lincoln Parks & Recreation, as well as one year-round Competitve Swim Team that competes in the USA Swimming League, YMCA Swim League, and Capital City. Additionally, we offer a Swim Club which serves as a great transition of preparing youth from swim lessons to join a swim team. 

This class is designed for capable swimmers who would like to improve their performance for triathlon swimming or distance/fitness swimming. The instructor will critique strokes and offer advice to optimize each participant's technique.

This top-notch Masters Swimming and Fitness Program benefits adults who swim for fun, fitness or competition. Training includes stroke technique, endurance, speed, and strength training.