The YMCA of Lincoln has temporarily closed all facilities until further notice. We will continue to monitor the situation to determine a reopening date.

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Y Stories

Meet Shirley:

Shirley has been a Y member for over 10 years. The convenience of the Downtown Y and the ability to utilize her Y membership at numerous locations makes it a great fit for her. Learn more about her story here.

Meet the Y: Shirley Peng

Meet Brooke:

Brooke has always loved being in and around the water. As a Y Member, she enjoyed swimming and taking water aerobics, but was looking for something more. She was thrilled to find out that the YMCA of Lincoln was going to offer BOGAFiT classes and signed up right away. Read her story here.

Brooke's Y Story

Meet Terri:

Wanting the opportunity for her ELL students to be able to see one another during the summer, Terri thought that perhaps swim lessons at the Y would be a good way to provide a life-long skill and also a great way for the kids to stay in touch during the summer. Here is her story.

Terri's Y Story

Meet Terra:

Terra started attending the Northeast Y when her oncologist told her about the LIVESTRONG® program. At 22, she had been diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma and had little strength left after 6 months of intensive treatment. Read Terra's story here.

Terra's Y Story

Meet Gina:

Gina's children were signed up, yet again, for Summer Day Camp and her 13-year-old was complaining about going because she felt too old for it. It took one day at camp for her to change her mind and exclaim how much she loved it. Read Gina's story here.

Gina's Y Story

Meet Molly:

In 2018, Molly became the first woman to complete the 21-mile St. Lucia Channel swim in the Caribbean. From intense trainings at the Downtown YMCA pool to the camaraderie of her Masters Swim Team friends and the support of her family, she persevered and set a new record. Watch her story here.

Molly's Y Story

Meet Shannon:

Shannon worked out, if inconsistently, for years but didn't take it seriously until June of 2017. It was then that he met with a Wellness Specialist, came up with an exercise program, and really stuck to it. Now down 45 pounds, he has more self-confidence and feels healthy for the first time in years. Read his story here.

Shannon's Y Story

Meet Janice:

After having her children and dealing with multiple medical issues, one of which was a misdiagnosis, she'd had it. Janice decided that she no longer needed to wait until her kids were grown to take control of her health and wellness. Read her story here.

Janice's Y Story

Meet Seanna:

Seanna began coming to the Y to create some time for herself, while knowing her son would be safe at Child Watch. Seanna now works part-time at the Front Desk and loves being part of the close-knit community. She's even decided to participate in her first session of Y-Lose It this winter! Read her full story here.

Seanna's Y Story

Meet Audra:

When Audra saw an ad for Women's Wellness Weekend at Camp Kitaki, she knew she wanted to go. Her daughter had been to Camp Kitaki in the summer and loved it, so she figured she might too! What she found was a weekend of relaxation, exciting challenges, and wonderful new friendships. She shares her story here.

Audra's Y Story

Meet Charles:

Charles knew it was time to address several health concerns that both he and his doctor had regarding his wellbeing. He decided to join the newest Lincoln Y branch the day that it opened and got right to work. He is now happy to report he's starting to see the benefits of his hard work! Read his story here.

Charles' Y Story

Meet Rhonda:

Rhonda had always wanted to join the Y and when she found out her insurance company was offering an incentive, she didn't have to think twice! Rhonda loves that she has access to a fitness coordinator who has set up an exercise program to help her reach her wellness goals. Read Rhonda's story here.

Rhonda's Y Story

Meet Steve:

Steve and his wife Julie decided to downsize their home a few years ago and with that went the gym. They decided to join the Y and have loved the amenities! Steve also says that one of the biggest bonuses has been the staff and the friendships he's formed with other Y Members. Read more here.

Steve's Y Story

Meet Asia:

A few years ago, Asia found herself at a low point. At her heaviest weight, she was stress-eating and depressed. She took a chance and joined the Y and now she's down in weight, up in muscle, and she loves bringing her husband and 3 boys with her! Read her story here.

Asia's Y Story

Meet Carissa:

Carissa and her entire family have been coming to the Y regularly for a while now. They love spending time together shooting hoops and being active. Carissa stays motivated on her wellness journey because she feels it's important to model a healthy lifestyle for her two growing boys. Read more of their story here.

Carissa's Y Story

Meet Andrew:

Andrew enjoys coming to the Y to exercise and shoot hoops. He loves the staff too! Read Andrew's story here.

Andrew's Y Story

Meet Connie:

Connie's Y Story began as a quest to get out of the house and stay active. She had been going through a hard time after the passing of her dog, Frankie. What started as a reason to get out and about turned into a more positive outlook on life and many good friends. Read more of Connie's story here.

Connie's Y Story

Meet Jacki:

Jacki struggled with being overweight since childhood. Before her branch even opened, she signed up the whole family. With lots of encouragement from the Y staff, she has lost over 140 pounds! Read more of this family's inspiring story here.

Jacki's Y Story

Meet Carrie:

Carrie's family has been Y Members since 2014. Carrie and her son Dylan hold each other accountable for their morning workouts and it's been incredibly motivating for each of them. Her family loves the Y because there is something for each one of them. Read their story here.

Carrie's Y Story

Meet Marsha:

Marsha had been working on her powerlifting on her own in her basement for a few years but had hit a plateau. She decided to join the Y and was thrilled with the equipment selection. Her training changed and now she holds 34 world records in powerlifting! Read her story here.

Marsha's Y Story

Meet Nichole:

Nichole went from being frustrated and unhealthy to a long time yoga instructor. Her entire life changed paths when she took that first step into the Y. She shares her inspiring story here.

Nichole's Y Story

Meet Paula:

Paula was in her first year of college and feeling lost and out of shape. Spending her free time at the Y allowed her to focus on her well-being and personal growth. She shares her story with us here.

Paula's Y Story

Meet Janet:

Janet has been a longtime Lincoln Y Member. For her, the Y is more than just a place to exercise, it's a place where meaningful friendships are formed. Read more of her story here.

Janet's Y Story

Meet Emily:

Over the course of a year at the Y, Emily has lost about 80 lbs! Read more of her story here.

Emily's Y Story