Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Youth development is key to the success of our families, the YMCA mission and our community. That's why the Lincoln YMCA is dedicated to serving youth with a variety of programs, all year long.


The Y offers a robust aquatics program with an offering for just about every age. Teaching a child how to swim is not only a great way to stay healthy, active and to have a little fun, it also saves lives.

The Y offers a variety of recreational dance classes for children ages three to adult. At the end of each session, participants may perform their dance in a recital. Information will be handed out on the first day of class.
The Y offers a variety of gymnastics classes for children of all ages and abilities: parent and child class, preschool, and beginner and advanced level classes for youth.
Throughout our four Lincoln facilities, the Y offers a vast variety of Martial Arts classes for youth and adults. Build a healthy, active habit for your family that focuses on more than just the physical. Hone your child's self-esteem, concentration and respect for others as well.
Give your homeschool student the opportunity to enjoy some physical education-style activity and socialization. For children ages 4 to 12.

Classes geared toward different age groups are designed to allow children and parents to benefit with age-appropriate games, songs, stories, movements and relaxation. Participants increase strength, flexibility, coordination, and self-awareness.

Keep your child moving, healthy and active in a variety of gym offerings. Build their social skills, sportsmanship and more through games and activities.
Spend more time at your favorite YMCA and have even more fun! Several Lincoln YMCA facilities are available for rent. Some facilities offer themed birthday parties, some offer pool and gym rental, others offer after-hours rental and lock-ins.