Upon signing up for YMCA membership for you or all individuals on your account, and/or enrolling and participating in YMCA programs/activities, you, individually, and on behalf of all individuals on your account:


1)   agree that you are voluntarily participating and assume all risks, known and unknown, associated with your presence in and/or use of YMCA facilities, equipment and premises, and your participation in its programs/activities, including, without limitation, any loss, damage to, or theft of personal property, and any personal injury, illness (including but not limited to COVID-19) or death; and 


2)   agree to release and discharge the YMCA and its representatives, employees, volunteers, and agents, from any and all liability, for any and all losses, damages or expenses, and any claim, demand or suits therefore, on account of injury, illness (including but not limited to COVID-19) or death to person or property, arising from your presence on YMCA property, your use of its equipment and facilities, and/or your participation in YMCA membership or its programs/activities; and


3)   agree not to initiate or commence any claim, suit or cause of action against the YMCA and/or any of its representatives, employees, volunteers or agents, with respect to any losses, damages or expenses which are listed above and are the subject of this waiver and release, and further agree to indemnify and hold harmless said parties from any and all losses, damages or expenses arising out of or in any way connected with you or all individuals’ presence on YMCA property, use of its equipment or facilities, and/or participation in membership or its programs/activities. 


4) acknowledge and agree that, due to the nature of the facilities, services, and programs/activities offered by the YMCA, social distancing is not always possible in certain settings including but not limited to childcare, swim lessons, and other youth programs such as gymnastics or youth sports.


5) acknowledge and agree that symptoms, exposure to, and a positive test for illnesses including but not limited to COVID-19, may result in quarantine requirements where visiting or utilizing the facilities, programs or services of the YMCA are not allowed and further understand that refunds will not be made for membership nor for programs if there has been attendance in any part of a program regardless of how/where symptoms started, individual was exposed or tested positive. 






Membership enrollment, entry into facilities or property/grounds, participation in YMCA programs and/or events grants permission and consent for participant(s) to be photographed or videotaped, audiotaped or recorded and waives any privacy rights with regard to the display of such photographs, broadcasts, recordings, etc. in presentations, publications, websites, social media, news, radio, TV and other means. If you have concerns with the use of these items, you are responsible for personally notifying a Branch Director in writing. The YMCA does not control, regardless of your circumstances, the taking or use of photos/videos, etc. at “public events” such as athletic events, outreach events, etc. where members of the public/community/media are invited.