Resistance Training for Distance Runners

Resistance Training for Distance Runners

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To improve your running speed and performance, not only do you need to spend hours running, but you also need to improve your conditioning in the gym with various technique drills and exercises. Conditioning training for running involves general core stability exercises, all-over body-conditioning exercises, specific training for the lower and upper body, and specific exercises to develop leg strength and speed. The overall aim of this conditioning program is to increase performance, while decreasing the risk of injury, by including all of these elements in your routine. 

Downtown YMCA Session Dates and Information

Session Dates: January 8 - February 26, 2019 (Tuesdays 6:20am-7:05am | Registration begins December 28, 2018)

Registration Fees: Lincoln Y Members: $20  | Youth Members/Non-members: $30

*Please note, the registration fee for this program offering does not qualify for Open Doors Financial Assistance.

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