All YMCA Youth Sports activities scheduled for Monday, August 20 at YMCA Wright Park and YMCA Spirit Park are cancelled due to weather conditions.

The YMCA Golf Clinic at Jim Ager Golf Course for Monday August 20 is on as scheduled.


Audra's Y Story

Audra's Y Story

I heard about the Women’s Wellness Weekend last year and really wanted to go, but couldn’t. So this year I asked for it for a Mother’s Day present, and that is what I got, a weekend away! It was fabulous.

One of the best things about Women’s Wellness Weekend was meeting other moms and connecting with people of like-minds who are outdoor-oriented, who feel like being in nature is a benefit to our children, especially in today’s world where it’s so electronic-driven, and knowing that there are other families who make a point of getting outside and learning outside. It was just nice to be able to be in an environment where you’re taking care of yourself, you’re having all this outdoor fun, you’re challenging yourself (which can be kind of scary), and then you’re building relationships afterwards, which I think is a fabulous way to role model those characteristics for your own children.

There’s no pressure, there’s no judgement, and it’s a place for you to get out of it what you need to get out of it.