All Youth Sports outdoor activities scheduled for Sunday, July 21 have been cancelled.


Janet's Y Story

Janet's Y Story

I started a new job Downtown, and Bill Kohl invited me to join him at the Y. JP, Kim and Karla immediately welcomed me. I joined on the spot. In addition to exercising at noon, I started leading an evening water class. I met such wonderful people. I later started working for Michelle at the Northeast Y. What great ladies and gentlemen. We laughed, celebrated and cheered each other on to victory through exercise.

Then, one day Karla connected me with longtime DT member Gene. I recently lost my dad and Gene was a bit lonesome too. An instant kinship was formed. We had a blast walking, moving and exercising together. Gene gained his angel wings and is diving again and laughing at us.

Today I spend most of my Y time at Cooper, still in the water with a grand bunch of energetic exercisers. We play a mean game of volleyball on Fridays. Many of us still have years of college varsity eligibility. It would be so exciting if one Friday morning Coach Cook would join us!

I encourage you to come to the Y and meet your next great group of exercise support. It's not only a physical thing; it’s mental too.