Y Stories

After a scary incident as a child, I never wanted to swim. My children asked, “Mom, why won’t you swim with us?” That question weighed on my heart for many years. In 2016, I signed up for private swim lessons at the Cooper YMCA. I was tired of watching from the sidelines. My instructor, Bailey, was so patient. On Christmas, I gave my kids a video of me — swimming. We cried. It was so joyous! We had a great time swimming TOGETHER for the first time in Mexico. ...


Many years ago, my kids joined the swim team at the Downtown YMCA. ... Since I was already there, I started to use the exercise equipment and take classes. ... I have kept my Y Membership ever since. In addition to being a place to get or keep in shape, it is a place for camaraderie and fellowship with people of all ages. I cherish the friendships I have made at the Y. I commend the Y staff, administration, teachers and coaches for making this "A Place To Be!"


I volunteered to coach because I enjoy the Y programs and working with kids. The most important thing for the kids to learn is the fundamentals of the sport and being a good team player. Teaching them through little games, so they can get used to being around each other, learn how to handle the ball and not be afraid. More than anything, it’s important for them to learn to work together and be a good sport.


I volunteer coach for my daughter’s kindergarten T-ball team. I like working with the kids. My favorite is watching the girls get excited, hitting the ball and running the bases. If a parent is hesitant to get their kids involved in YMCA sports, there’s a nice community of parents that answer their questions. It isn’t super competitive. The kids are here to have fun and enjoy sports. The most important thing is to try their best and keep trying.


The best part so far was getting some outs! And I met some new friends and some school friends. My coaches – if someone gets out – they say “good try, you got so close!” It makes me feel good.


Our daughter is very competitive. She likes to play ball and we want to keep her busy! Here, we both meet new friends, new families, and meet good people. She goes to school with a lot of the kids on the team, so they get to play together and get to know each other. Thank you, YMCA Youth Sports!


Through YMCA Youth Sports, my son is learning a lot of skills. He gets to meet a lot of new friends, he gets to try new sports, and he’s enjoying it. He is getting a lot of good exercise and learning the value of teamwork.


We enjoy bringing our son to play YMCA sports, seeing him play and meeting new people. It's a good environment. It's good for any kid to play sports through the YMCA. Our son learns how to make friends and talk to people and learn about other people and cultures. The coach is a good role model. He helps our son and us whenever we need it. He has lots of patience. We're really happy with the coach our son has.

Manuel and Laura

I have Parkinson’s Disease. I started the Delay the Disease class three weeks ago. I can see some improvement in my balance already and I have more energy. Deborah is a great instructor.


I have been a member of the Northeast YMCA since January 22, 2009. I have met so many new friends. I enjoy swim class for my health and weight loss as well as my land exercise class, which has helped me a lot with my coordination and balance. It means so much to be part of this friendly place that is like a second home to me. It’s been a blessing.


After my second knee replacement, I started Water Fit classes and working out in the YMCA gym. Then I added strength classes and swimming. All the instructors modified exercises so I could work to my ability. Training with Jess, she corrected my form, works with my abilities, and pushes me to do more. My strength, endurance and balance improved. It's great to work out where people notice how hard you work and how far you have come. I am stronger, happier, and healthier.


I've been powerlifting for about 10 years, mostly training in my own basement. With little space and limited resources, I hadn't improved for the last three meets. But in January 2016, I joined the Lincoln YMCA. In April 2016, I went to an international meet. I entered 33 events and I won gold in 32 of them, silver in the other, and I now hold 23 world records. I definitely improved after joining the Y.


I am so thankful that when I look in the mirror that I did the Y-Lose It program. I don’t look like a fitness model, but for the first time in a long time I am proud of how I appear and how far I’ve come. My team members and coach were amazing people to transform with. It is not amazing that we lost weight, the amazing thing is what we found after we did: We all walk with more confidence, eat with better judgment and spend happier moments with our loved ones.


I have many fond memories from our YMCA as I have used the Y for the past 42+ years. However, I first grew to respect the Y as my mom and dad spoke of how the YMCA helped many soldiers coming back from World War I and II. God bless you and all our YMCAs and staff.


Many years ago, I first tried the Y. I joined an aerobics class first. Then as my needs changed, I joined two Fit For Life classes. All my instructors have been excellent, and they care for each Member individually. I would recommend the Y to anyone!


I started at the Y when I was in junior high on the Dolphin Swim Team. The Y has transitioned with me throughout all the stages in my life for 40 years. The many friends I have made keep me coming back! Now my children and grandchildren use the Y.


A friend and I joined a Y-Lose It challenge. We were fortunate enough to get Carol as our coach. Carol has been so positive and encouraging. She makes us push ourselves ... a lot! I signed up four more times and lost 30 pounds. I'm healthier, happier, and my mobility has improved. My knees feel better and I'm down two pants sizes. I highly recommend Carol as a personal trainer!


The Lincoln YMCA was instrumental in helping us teach our five children that fitness is a lifelong endeavor and healthy, balanced living is achievable. You have helped create five educated, productive and most importantly, HEALTHY individuals who are now giving back to the communities in which they live. Thank you, YMCA!


I enjoy working at the YMCA and meeting the members that have committed themselves to living a healthy lifestyle. The sponsorship for children in our community, the classes offered for better physical health for elderly, and the aspirations of members to feel better, make me feel proud to be part of it.


I can't say enough about the great experiences my son and I have had in YMCA Youth Sports from 3 on 3, T-Ball, flag football, Coach-Pitch baseball, Y Recreational and Spirit basketball. The friends we have made will last a lifetime. Thanks for some of the best memories a family can have.


What I think I enjoy the most is the friendships I have made with others that work out and the instructors. I look forward to seeing everyone and having some adult interaction! It is from these friendships I have been encouraged to try new classes and workout programs.


The YMCA Turkey Trot was my first attempt at a 5K. I was so excited to be part of a "timed" 5K! ... Since that race, I have committed to get in better shape. I will be participating in the YMCA Turkey Trot this year! By the way, I am 63 and slightly overweight — but I RUN!


I believe that through our shared running and workout experiences at the Y, we grow and learn much from one another about our lives, and are present for one another. They have all become a vital part of life and I treasure the time I spend with each and every one of them.


I was eating unhealthy and not exercising like I should. My sister and I decided that we had had enough with being uncomfortable in our own skin. We started working out and eating healthy on a regular basis. I signed up for my 4th Half Marathon and will run that in May!


I chose the Y because of the included childcare and programs available for the entire family. I kept going because I was making friends and seeing changes in myself.


The Y-Lose It Challenge has dramatically changed my family's lives for the better. It has taught us that eating healthy is a lifelong change. I used to look at working out as tough and challenging with only minimal results, but now I actually look forward to it...Rhonda has taken the word "impossible" out of my vocabulary forever. Her confidence in me has made me have confidence in myself.


"As a parent I love that Tabitha is so excited to be involved with the Y. She gets so many varied experiences and gets to work with and meet some really nice people."


There are many great attributes of the YMCA. My husband can play basketball. I like the various group exercise classes. Recently, I have developed arthritis in my knees so spinning is a great way to continue both cardio and get my knees the necessary relief and exercise they need.


"10 years ago, our family moved to Nebraska...It's been a long journey, but I am healthy and active again thanks to our programs. In my life, what started as a place to have birthday parties and swim lessons, has turned in to a home away from home. Now, when I count my blessings, I count the Y..."