TRX® Suspension Training

TRX® Suspension Training


TRX® Suspension Training is a revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise. The straps use gravity and your body weight. You can safely perform hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and prevent injuries, all at the intensity you choose, for people of all fitness levels. 

Sessions are led by YMCA TRX instructors who will teach you proper technique, help you work at your own level and motivate you to perform at your best. 

Here's a video from 10HealthTV about TRX at the Lincoln YMCA.

Boot Camp

TRX® Boot Camp

Ready to step up your workout? Moving on to this simple yet challenging TRX workout, you will increase total-body flexibility, mobility and stability all while engaging the core. Get ready to pick up the pace as we build strength and stamina with basic foundational exercises along with TRX combo moves. This class is fun and invigorating! All fitness levels welcome.


TRX® Foundations

Kickstart your fitness program with this foundations class designed to introduce the “new” student to the basic principles of TRX Suspension Training. You will learn the set-up and use of the TRX, along with correct body position, alignment and basic TRX movements. Emphasis will be on range of motion, functional movement, strength, balance, and stability. This class is fun and invigorating! All fitness levels welcome.


TRX® Fusion

This class is the TRX Trainer’s choice! Be ready for TRX Intervals combined with ground based cardio drills and various sports training tools such as the agility ladder or battle rope. We also introduce training tools challenging stability and core strength such as the BOSU, exercise ball, along with kettlebells, medicine balls, and dumbbells! TRX Foundations class recommended prior to enrolling in TRX Fusion.

TRX® Yoga Flow

TRX® Yoga Flow

TRX is a great tool to help yoga practitioners get closer in touch with their bodies and explore different types of poses. The straps give you leverage against gravity to assist you in a pose while also working strength and flexibility you need to achieve poses in your regular classes. This class is meant for the those new to yoga and those more experienced

Registration Information

Participants must be a minimum of 14 years of age or graduates of the Youth Fitness Training class.

Due to the nature of the TRX workouts, please avoid signing up for consecutive days to give your muscles time to recover.

Register at the Front Desk of your branch or online.

*Please note, the registration fee for this program offering does not qualify for Open Doors Financial Assistance.