At the Y, we truly care about your wellness success. So we offer a variety of orientations with our caring and qualified Wellness Staff to get you started in the right direction. And to keep you on track and motivated all year long. All orientations are FREE with your YMCA membership. Please visit any YMCA facility Front Desk to schedule your appointment today.

Cardiovascular Equipment Orientation

Explore the many options the Y offers to help kick up your cardio. Learn the "best cardio fits" to accomplish your goals, cross-train and how to properly use each piece of cardio equipment. Our Wellness Specialists will explain to you how to use your heart rate to get the most out of your workout, and will discuss the importance of warming up, cooling down and stretching.

Free Weight Orientation

Our Wellness Specialists will show you how to effectively and properly use our free weights and provide you with a simple program. We will also discuss flexibility and how to achieve and maintain it.

Nutrition Orientation

A one-time introductory nutrition session provided for all YMCA Members. During this 30-minute session, a Nutrition Specialist will explain the benefits of a healthy diet, how to properly record your food intake and may suggest reputable websites for continued healthy nutrition help. The Specialist may answer some nutrition questions and will explain our additional nutrition service options available at an affordable member rate.

Strength Equipment Orientation

Learn how to correctly adjust each machine to fit your height and frame. Our Wellness Specialists will discuss the benefits of strength training and provide you with a simple program.

Quick Fit Equipment Orientation

If finding the time to exercise is a struggle, this circuit may fit your schedule. Quick Fit is designed to be a 30-minute workout, alternating strength machines with cardio stations.