Open Doors Financial Assistance

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What is the YMCA’S Open Doors program? 

At the Y, we believe everyone deserves the chance to experience holistic wellness. The Open Doors Financial Assistance program, supported in part by our YMCA Annual Campaign-Strong Kids, provides families, children and adults with the financial assistance they need to obtain quality Child Care, Youth Programs, and Health and Wellness services. 

Who is Eligible and How is the Amount Determined? 

Anyone is welcome to apply for our Open Doors program. The amount of assistance granted is based on the application process and review of the required documentation provided by the applicant. Our Open Doors program reduces fees, but does not eliminate them. The Y believes a strong sense of ownership and pride is developed when our Open Doors recipients contribute to the cost of their YMCA involvement. Please note: In situations of shared child custody, financial assistance percentage discounts will be available on the child’s account and will be visible to either parent on receipts or online with a YMCA account.

How Do I Apply? 

  • Complete the two-page application and provide all income information and documentation from all individuals in the household. Each application must provide a copy of their most recently filed Federal income tax form, 1040, for all adults in the household (W-2s are not accepted).
  • Attach copies of 2 current paystubs and/or other applicable documents from section 2 of the application for each adult in the household. 
  • Applications that are not complete and/or do not have copies of required documentation will be mailed back to the applicant requesting additional information. Please include copies (no originals) of your information, as all the documents you provide are destroyed after your application has been processed.
  • Submit all your information together. Submitting information separately will delay your application process.
  • Send all information to:

Lincoln YMCA Administrative Offices
Attn: Open Doors Program
570 Fallbrook Blvd, Suite 210, Lincoln, NE 68521
Or scan and email:

  • After an application has been approved, assistance can be applied to all relevant memberships and programs moving forward through the expiration date. Please note, you will need to reapply for the Open Doors program every other year. If a new applicant, your next renewal may be the following year. After logging into your account for the first time, an expiration date will be listed indicating when your next renewal will need to be completed by.

How Will I Know if I Qualified? 

Your online YMCA account will be updated after your application has been processed and a notification will be sent to the email address listed on your application. For information on how to set up or access your account, go to To register to log in, you will need to use the same email address that's listed on your application. Please allow up to 15 business days for your application to be processed. Due to the high volume of applicants, we request that you refrain from calling to check the status of your application.

If Approved, Will My Assistance Automatically Be Applied to My Account?

If you’re either new to the Open Doors program or renewing your information and your financial assistance discount stays the same or increases, your new rates will automatically be applied for future use on your account. If you’re a current member and your monthly membership rate will increase, we will NOT automatically renew your membership at the higher rate. An email will be sent to notify you that your membership will end the last day of the month. At that time, if you wish to continue your membership at the higher rate, you will need to contact your YMCA front desk.

Can My Assistance Be Applied to Past Programs and Membership?

The YMCA will not apply financial assistance to past registrations or memberships. After an application has been approved, assistance can be applied to all relevant memberships and programs moving forward thorugh the expiration date. 

Is There Assistance Available for YMCA Camp Kitaki?

Due to the tiered pricing structure at YMCA Camp Kitaki, if additional assistance is needed, participants can apply for our Open Doors Program and could qualify for up to an additional 40% off.

What Kind of Documentation Do I Need to Include?

The YMCA of Lincoln, Nebraska, Open Doors Financial Assistance Program requires copies of the appropriate documentation to be submitted along with the application. Below is a list of documents that are acceptable income verification. 

Tax Information

• Federal 1040 form – 2 pages. 

• If someone in the household is self-employed, then a schedule C form is also needed. 

• If you do not have a copy of the tax return, you can get one by calling the IRS at 800-829-1040 or visit their website at

Employment – Paystubs 

• Two current/consecutive paystubs from each working adult in the household. Paystubs must show gross pay.

• If paystubs are unavailable, a letter from the employer on letterhead stating the average number of hours per week and hourly wage is acceptable. Bank statements do not show gross pay and is not an acceptable form of documentation.

Social Security/Disability/SSI 

• A letter from the Social Security Administration stating the current amount received and/or 1040 Federal tax form showing the income (line 14).

Retirement/Pension/IRA or Trust Fund Income 

• Letter from the company or fund stating the amount and frequency that it’s received, a monthly statement, or 1040 tax form lines 11 and 12 showing IRA/Pension income.