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Kids sitting on the edge of an indoor pool at the YMCA

Looking for some go-to activities for your family to beat the winter blues? Well look no further! We have your snowy day activities ready to go with items you have around your house!


Indoor Snowball fight:

Our kids love snowball fights whether its inside the house or out in the backyard! Use rolled up socks or gloves to make any room in your house a battleground.


Make a Fort:

One of our fondest memories as a child is making a fort and hunkering down for the day. Use blankets, furniture, and pillows to make a great fort in the comfort of your living room!


Make Slime:

Young or old, everyone loves slime. Slime is quick to make and kids can play with it for hours. Follow the recipe below for quick and easy slime:

·         2 2/3 Cups Elmer’s Glue

·         2/3 Cup Liquid Starch

·         2 Cups of Foaming Shaving Cream (we do 3 one-second squirts)

·         Food Coloring



Make any painting 3-D with homemade puff-paint! Use equal parts glue and foaming shaving cream to make your creations come to life! You can also add food coloring to make your paintings pop even more!


Snow Ice Cream:

Use the fresh fallen snow to make your own ice cream! Follow the recipe below to make a sweet treat for everyone to enjoy:

·         12 Ounces Evaporated Milk

·         8 Ounces Granulated Sugar

·         1 Teaspoon of Vanilla

·         8-10 Cups Fresh Snow (make sure its fresh fallen)

Mix Milk, Sugar, and Vanilla in a bowl. Pour over Fresh snow and stir. Enjoy right away!


Come to the YMCA:

One of the best ways to beat the winter blues is to stay active. By coming to your local YMCA, you can experience everything from swimming to basketball and stay active during the winter months.


We know snow days can seem overwhelming, but hopefully these activities can give you and your kiddos something fun and different to do!


Written by Luke Stege-Tompsett, Youth, Teen, and Family Director at the Northeast YMCA