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Indoor Pool Guidelines

• Children eight years and under must be accompanied by a caregiver or adult 16 or older. For children five years and under or non-swimmers, caregivers MUST be within an arm's reach IN THE WATER at all times. Children nine years and older may use the pool during open swim.

• Swim Test: Must be taken by anyone under the age of 14 who wishes to use the deep end or slide. Check in with the lifeguard to have the swim test performed. Northeast Location: Non-swimmers must wear a Coast Guard approved floatation device which are provided due to the water depth of 10 feet.

• Please shower before you enter the pool and hot tub.

• Bring your own towels. Towels will not be provided.

• Proper swimming attire must be worn at all times.

• For the safety of patrons. no swimming allowed without a lifeguard present.

• Spitting or spouting of water anywhere in the pool is not allowed.

• Persons with bandages, open cuts and wounds, or obvious communicable diseases are not allowed in the pool or hot tub.

• Only Coast Guard approved Personal Floatation Devices (PFD) are allowed.

• Mono-fins, water guns, or inflatable pool toys of any kind are not allowed. 

• We do not allow horse play, running, or breath-holding activities.

• Running is not allowed on the deck or in the locker rooms.

• We do not allow food, gum, candy, or drinks in locker rooms and pool area.

• Please do not hang on float lines or lane lines.

• YMCA Equipment is for scheduled Group Exercise classes only.

• Kickboards, pull buoys, and dumbbells are to be used for lap swim or water aerobic activity only.

• Proper slide use is feet first and on your back. One person on the slide at a time and wait for the person before to fully exit the water before entering the slide. No toys allowed on the slide. 

• Enter the water feet first, facing forward.

• Diving is not permitted at Fallbrook, Cooper, or Copple Family due to pool depth.

• No diving in the shallow end at the Northeast YMCA

• The lifeguard's word is final. 


Outdoor Pool Guidelines

The three YMCA of Lincoln Outdoor Pools will open Saturday, May 28 at 12:00pm. Below is what you need to know about using YMCA Outdoor Pools at the Cooper YMCA, Copple Family YMCA and Fallbrook YMCA.

• Outdoor Pools will be open from 12:00-7:00pm Monday-Friday and 12:00-5:30pm Saturday-Sunday.

• Lap swimming will be available in the mornings. Check branch schedules for details.

• The last day the Outdoor Pools will be open is Monday, September 5 (Labor Day). All pools will be open from 11:00am - 3:30pm that day. 

• 4th of July Hours (11:00am-3:30pm)

• Entrance to the pool will be first come, first served.

• Only YMCA of Lincoln Adult and Family/Household Membership levels may use the Outdoor Pools.

• No one under nine years of age will be allowed unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.

• Guests are allowed entry for $5 so long as they are accompanied by an Adult Lincoln YMCA Member.

• Members are allowed to bring guests on a 1:1 basis, meaning one member can bring one guest. 

• Nationwide YMCA Members will not be allowed to use the Outdoor Pools. YMCA of Lincoln Members only. 

• Bring your own towels. Towels will not be provided. 

• Life jackets will not be provided by the YMCA. If you require a life jacket, please bring your own Coast Guard certified life jacket.

• No coolers, no glass containers, no alcoholic beverages allowed. Water is acceptable and encouraged.

• Members should access the Outdoor Pools at the Copple Family YMCA and the Fallbrook YMCA through the outside gates. Members should access the Outdoor Pool at the Cooper YMCA through the main entrance.

• All Outdoor Pools may have their own regulations. Please check with your branch for these guidelines.