Youth Sports Schedules

Check here for links to your team's Youth Sports schedule. If you're league does not have an active link here, no schedule is currently posted online.


Baseball & T-Ball


Jr. Huskers Micro T-Ball (Pre-Kindergarten)

Jr. Huskers Recreational Baseball (K-8th Grade)



Micro Basketball (1st Grade)

Recreational Basketball (2nd-8th Grade)

Spirit Basketball (3rd-8th Grade)

3v3 Recreational Basketball (2nd-8th Grade)

High School Basketball (9th-12th Grade)

Pepsi Summer Basketball (4th-12th Grade)

Adult Men's Basketball (19 & Older)



Bowling League (1st-8th Grade)

Flag Football


Jr. Huskers Micro Flag Football (Kindergarten)

Jr. Husker Recreational Flag Football (1st-8th Grade)

Spirit Flag Football (3rd-6th Grade)

Golf & FootGolf


Recreational Golf League (Ages 7-14)

Team Golf (Ages 7-14)

Recreational FootGolf (Ages 5-Adult)



Micro Soccer (Pre-Kindergarten-3rd Grade)

Recreational Soccer (Kindergarten-3rd Grade)

Spirit Soccer (3rd-12 Grade)

High School Summer Soccer (9th-12th Grade)

3v3 Summer Soccer (1st-8th Grade)

Softball & T-Ball


Jr. Huskers Micro T-Ball (Pre-Kindergarten)

Jr. Huskers Fall Recreational Softball (Kindergarten-2nd Grade)

Jr. Huskers Recreational Softball (Kindergarten-8th Grade)

Spirit Softball (3rd-9th Grade)




Micro Volleyball (1st Grade)

Recreational Volleyball (2nd-9th Grade)

Spirit Volleyball (4th-8th Grade)