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Military Day Pass

We offer a 50% discount off an adult day pass for the members of our military (military ID required).

Military Outreach Initiative

The Military Outreach Initiative provides a 6-month membership to service members on Title 10 orders with at least six months remaining as of the signature date on the application. The service member will complete the application and submit the application to the Military Component Approving Official. The application will go through an approval process with the Armed Services YMCA and if approved we will set up the membership for 6 months with a visitation requirement of 8 days per month. 

For more information on the Military Outreach Initiative through the YMCA and to apply, click here. 

Limited Use Pass for Nonprofits

The YMCA of Lincoln offers a Limited Use Pass for registered organizations. Agencies are encouraged to email our membership department to find out more or to register for the program.

Corporate Discounts

For a list of current Corporate Members and instructions for how to become a Corporate Member, visit our Corporate/Group Memberships page.

Discounts Based on Income

Please see our Financial Assistance page for more information.