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Stronger Together

The YMCA is dedicated to the health of our community and we want to help your company offer a great benefit to employees... YMCA membership! With healthcare costs rising approximately 15% to 40% each year, wellness and preventive health programs can truly make a difference. They can reduce healthcare costs, while helping employees live longer, healthier, more productive lives. 

The Lincoln YMCA has been a recognized leader in health and wellness for over 150 years. We already partner with numerous organizations in our community that are promoting healthy lifestyles for their employees. Whether your organization is small or large, we can help! We have a variety of partnership options available to meet your company's unique needs.


Current Participating Corporate Membership Partners

  • Bison, Inc.
  • Cancer Partners of Nebraska
  • Catholic Social Services
  • Duncan Aviation
  • Fiserv
  • International Fitness Club Network (IFCN) (BNSF, CHI, Alfred Benesch, Ascension, Lamar Advertising Group, Lowe's, Nike, etc.)
  • Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach
  • Mears Holdings, LLC
  • Midlands Packaging
  • Midwest Holding Inc.
  • NIFA
  • NFL - For more information, click HERE. 
  • Perry Reid Properties
  • Swanson Russell
  • Youth for Christ

Employees of these companies should check with their employer about how to take advantage of the discounted YMCA rates.


Getting Started - How the Partnership Works

  • The Y contributes toward each membership and waives any joiner fee. The company contributes to the membership and the employee pays the remainder.
  • The Company designates a representative to act as a communication liaison and assist in promotion and recruitment.
  • A minimum of eight active employee memberships are required.
  • The Y can provide usage reports to partner companies if desired.
  • One FREE “Try the Y Week” for all Company employees can be scheduled each year.
  • Health fair participation and discounts on additional corporate services can be negotiated.
  • Onsite enrollment at the company can be scheduled.
  • Billing, employment verification, and processing is easy!

How To Join

1) Confirm the commitment of at least eight people.

2) Determine your company's level of financial commitment.

3) Contact:


Member Benefits

  • Access to all Lincoln YMCA facilities
  • Free Child Watch for Family Memberships
  • Member pricing on youth programs, YMCA Youth Sports, and family activities
  • Free group exercise classes offered throughout the day and for all levels
  • Free wellness appointment with a YMCA Wellness Specialist to discuss achieving each individual's wellness goals
  • One free nutrition orientation and options for continued nutritional programming at an affordable member rate
  • Personal and small group training at our discounted member rate 
  • Volunteer opportunities and donor events
  • Disease prevention & management classes to help prevent and manage disease as well as promote healthy activity.
  • The pride in knowing you are a member of far more than a gym. You are a member of a nonprofit association that empowers our youth, strengthens families, and builds community.


Return on Your Investment

• Reduced employee and company healthcare costs
• Improved productivity and employee morale
• Improved employee retention and recruitment
• Reduced employee absenteeism
• Improved employee relations
• Employees who are more connected in the community


Additional Wellness Services

If you are interested in other wellness initiatives to offer your employees please contact us at