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Give me a Y. Give me an M. Give me a C. Give me an A!

YMCA Cheer programs teach boys and girls the fundamentals of cheerleading and focus on teaching the basics. This program offers youth the chance to get active and have fun cheering. Cheerleaders will build self-confidence and self-esteem while developing social skills and healthy relationships with their peers.


Cheer Clinic

Kindergarten - 5th Grade | YMCA Cheer Clinic is a great introduction to cheer and will teach cheers, jumps and hand/arm movements. No tumbling will take place. Clinics will meet for one hour per week for five weeks (Fall and Spring) four weeks (Winter). 

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Cheer Summer Camp

Kindergarten - 5th Grade | YMCA Cheer Summer Camp will teach kids age and ability appropriate cheer motions, jumps, chants, and cheer-style dance in a safe and fun environment. 

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