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Pass, Set, Serve!

Volleyball at the YMCA provides youth with low-pressure opportunities to learn the rules and fundamentals of the game in a fun and supportive environment. Micro, Recreational, and Spirit (competitive) leagues are available along with camps, clinics, and tournaments throughout the year.


Micro Volleyball League

Kindergarten and 1st Grade | Micro Volleyball is a great introduction to the sport! The six-week, 4 vs. 4 season will include a 25-minute practice followed by a 25-minute game each week. Players enjoy modified rules for different ages to provide maximum success.

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Recreational Volleyball League

2nd - 8th Grade | Recreational Volleyball is a low pressure way to help your kids develop their volleyball skills. The six-week season will include a one practice and one game per week.

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Spirit Volleyball League

4th - 8th Grade | Spirit Volleyball is a competitive, coach-select volleyball league. The season is ten matches in the Fall, and 8 matches in the Spring.

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Propel Summer Youth Volleyball League

4th - 8th Grade | The Propel Youth Summer Volleyball league is a coach-select league focused on fun and player development. Teams participate in eight games during a six-week season across multiple divisions.

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Volleyball Camps & Clinics

Kindergarten - 8th Grade | YMCA Youth Sports offers some great ways to refine your child's volleyball skills with programs that focus on fundamentals, positive coaching and personal attention.

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Volleyball Tournaments

2nd - 8th Grade | YMCA Volleyball Tournaments provide an exciting environment for teams to display their skills and compete against teams from all over the region.

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