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Pass, Set, Serve!

Volleyball at the YMCA provides youth with low-pressure opportunities to learn the rules and fundamentals of the game in a fun and supportive environment. Micro, Recreational, and Spirit (competitive) leagues are available along with camps, clinics, and tournaments throughout the year.


Sand Volleyball League

4th - 12th Grade | Sand Volleyball will offer multiple leagues as a way to help your kids develop their volleyball skills 4 vs 4 outdoors in the sand. The low pressure Recreational League is a six-week season will have the first week as practice and one match per week for 5 weeks. The Competitive League will be coach selected, play 8 matches in a 6 week season with standings and awards given at the end of the season.

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Micro Volleyball League

Kindergarten and 1st Grade | Micro Volleyball is a great introduction to the sport! The six-week, 4 vs. 4 season will include a 25-minute practice followed by a 25-minute game each week. Players enjoy modified rules for different ages to provide maximum success. The Fall Micro Volleyball season is offered for students in 1st Grade.  The Spring Micro Volleyball season is offered for Kindergarten and 1st Grade.

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Recreational Volleyball League

2nd - 8th Grade | Recreational Volleyball is a low pressure way to help your kids develop their volleyball skills. The six-week season will include a one practice and one game per week.

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Spirit Volleyball League

4th - 8th Grade | Spirit Volleyball is a competitive, coach-select volleyball league. The season is ten matches in the Fall, and 8 matches in the Spring.

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Club Volleyball Program

11U - 18U  | Club Volleyball is a competitive, coach-select volleyball program that focuses on fun and player development. Program features 8 Great Plains Club Volleyball tournaments. All players and coaches are registered with the USAV and Great Plains Volleyball Region.

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Volleyball Camps & Clinics

Kindergarten - 8th Grade | YMCA Youth Sports offers some great ways to refine your child's volleyball skills with programs that focus on fundamentals, positive coaching and personal attention.

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Volleyball Tournaments

2nd - 8th Grade | YMCA Volleyball Tournaments provide an exciting environment for teams to display their skills and compete against teams from all over the region.

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