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LINCOLN, Neb. — The YMCA of Lincoln is inviting people to take part in a free six-week challenge to reenergize their spirit, mind, and body. Because the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted some people’s ability to maintain consistent, healthy habits, the STRONG Challenge is designed to help people to transform into healthier versions of themselves either at home or in a workout facility.


The challenge is simple – commit to 20 minutes of movement, five days a week for six weeks. It starts October 19 and runs through November 27. Each week, the YMCA will share coaching and motivational emails with participants as well as activity ideas and accountability to keep people on track. Prizes will be available for participants who exhibit their healthy practices throughout the challenge. There is also a National Facebook Community for participants to share and engage with over 130 YMCA communities across the nation.


The YMCA of Greater Cincinnati began this program earlier this year, and it had such great success in helping to elevate their community that they wanted to make it national and available to all YMCAs.


Everyone in the community is invited to join the STRONG Challenge whether you are a YMCA Member or not. Anyone interested may join the challenge for free by going to