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Ages 5 & Older | Three levels of gymnastics skills development based on the participant's ability level.

Youth Gymnastics

Class Descriptions

Youth gymnastics is split into three different levels. Participants will learn various gymnastics skills where they will be taught fundamentals and proper technique. Our instructors will be with them every step of the way as they master these skills on their own. 

Level 1: Beginner: Will start to learn and understand the proper technique and concepts of basic tumbling skills. Example of skills taught: Backward roll, cartwheel, front support, and pike hold.

Level 2: Advanced Beginner: Will master basic tumbling skills and start to gain confidence on more advanced skills that involve the high beam and bar. Example of skills to be taught: Back bend, round off, jump half turn dismount, and beginning front hip circle. 

Level 3: Intermediate: Will learn advanced tumbling skills on the floor and implement the skills on the beam. Example of skills to be taught: Handstand to bridge, bridge up kick over, beginning cartwheel on low beam, and leaps on high beam. 



Ages 5 & Older


Session Dates & Locations

Spring Session: March 18 - April 28

PM Summer Sessions (Date | Registration Opening Dates): 

April 29 - May 19  |  April 16 / April 18 
May 27 - June 16  |  May 14 / May 16
June 17 - July 7  |  June 4 / 6
July 8 - 28  |  June 25 / June 27  

AM Summer Sessions (Date | Registration Opening Dates):

May 27 - June 6  |  May 14 / May 16
June 10 - 20  |  May 28 / May 30
June 24 - July 4  |  June 11 / June 13
July 8 - 18  |  June 25 / June 27
July 22 - August 1  |  July 9 / July 11 

Dates and times vary by location. See Gymnastics brochures.


Registration Information

Y Members - Registration opens March 5

Community Members - Registration opens March 7



Cooper YMCA 

Copple Family YMCA

Fallbrook YMCA



Lincoln YMCA Members $44 | Community Members $88


What Should My Child Wear?

Your child does not need to wear a leotard to class - shorts and a t-shirt are fine. Most importantly, we want your child to wear something they can be comfortable and active in. It is best if your child is barefoot during class. Shoes on children can be too heavy while they complete skills, while socks alone do not provide enough traction.


Other Information

All YMCA Gymnastics classes are run through member branches. For information specific to each location, please visit with the front desk.