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Ages 5 & Older | Build self-confidence, coordination, and physical fitness in a challenging, yet enjoyable setting. All skill levels are welcome.


Ages 5-13

The youth Karate class focuses on developing a child’s physical skills, self-esteem, concentration, and respect for others. Classes are challenging yet enjoyable for each child. All skill levels are welcome.

Advanced Karate

Ages 14-18

Chinese Kempo is the combative form of Karate. This style is a self-defense oriented system, focusing on the concept of close quarter combat. The training is mostly focused on the application of joint locks and effective control of an attacker. Many other avenues of defense are explored as well as grappling, throwing, and the use of various weapons. It is a practical approach system of defense, used for protection of yourself and others.


Registration Information

Martial Arts classes are ongoing and renewed monthly until you cancel. You may register by calling the branch or stopping at the Front Desk. Currently, the Fallbrook YMCA is the only YMCA branch to offer Karate. 




Karate Fees

Lincoln YMCA Members $22 | Community Members $38