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Two youth stand in karate poses

Have you ever been interested in taking martial arts or having your kids be part of a self-defense program? Are you curious how the program operates and how to get your foot in the door? You can find answers right here at the Fallbrook YMCA! 

There are many attributes that our Karate classes bring to a child. Coming straight from Fallbrook YMCA Karate instructor Randy Bohaty, “Focus, discipline, respect, coordination, self and situational awareness, sense of accomplishment, and confidence are what I am able to provide participants that take our classes.” 

Randy started taking Karate in college as a late teen. “It was offered as an activity class and I signed up because Karate was at its height in popularity and I had always been interested in trying it.” A short time after being in the program as a participant he began assistant teaching at UNL’s Shotokan Karate Club as he moved up in rank. He has now been teaching for 45 years at Shotokan, has taught at the YWCA, conducted self-defense training for the York Department of Corrections, and has now taught here at the Fallbrook YMCA for nine years! 

Randy has many takeaways from being a Karate instructor. I asked him what are some of the rewards that he receives from instructing? “Patience, understanding, an adjusted level of expectation, a deeper level of development, fulfillment, and joy. I enjoy the top notch staff, facilities, and organization, along with the opportunity to meet and work with kids of all ages. I also appreciate the opportunity the Y offers me to share with others, along with the benefits and opportunies that my Sensei, Dr. Rick Schmidt and my involvement in Karate has given me.”

Classes are currently taking place Tuesday and Thursday evenings with beginners from 6-7pm and advanced from 7-8pm in the Fallbrook YMCA-side gymnasium. Member rate is $20 a month and the non-member rate is $36 a month. Please refer to our website or call the Fallbrook branch for any more details about getting started. Come give Karate a try! It really can only make you stronger. You won’t regret it!

By Ross Bell, Membership Director at the Fallbrook YMCA


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