Shirley Peng



How long have you been a YMCA member?

I have been a YMCA member since I moved to Lincoln in 2009 - 10 years ago! I did spend a few weeks in Nebraska in the Summer of 97' where I remember walking my baby cousins to the Northeast Y in the afternoons to swim. 


Tell us why you joined the YMCA.

I loved how close the Downtown Y is from work - just two blocks from the terminal building - and the many other locations all around Lincoln. I also love how my membership is transferable to other locations. I have used it in Omaha and even at a conference in downtown Minneapolis. 


What are some of your favorite things about the YMCA?

One of my favorite things is getting a quick workout in during lunch -whether it's a quick swim in the pool, a group exercise class or just getting some miles in on the treadmill.


Are there any specific people who have made your experience with the Y more meaningful?

Everyone at the Y, whether it's staff or instructors are all incredibly friendly and helpful. Katie Mlady and Karla Hudson were both extremely motivating Y-Lose It coaches. Kim Frank's lunch time spin class is the highlight of my Wednesdays.  


Are there any ways in which the YMCA has transformed your life? 

Having been born and raised in Southern California, I grew up swimming and playing water polo. I never ran until I signed up for the marathon training class at the Y. I met amazing people in the class who helped me train for my first marathon and our group had so much fun, we signed up for the Bicycle Tour Training Class the following year. Shari, Tammy and David were instructors for the Bike Tour class and they gave me the confidence to do the 5 day, 250 mile Tour de Nebraska. Now, I regularly run and bike and even do the occasional triathlon.  


What would you tell someone thinking about joining the Y?

Just do it! There is something for everyone. There are so many group exercise classes throughout the day, it is so easy to join one and get your exercise in.  


Is there anything else you want people to know about the Lincoln YMCA? 

The Y is an amazing place.  

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