Kids huddle and put their hands together while playing a game.

The YMCA is committed to helping everybody reach their potential in healthy living. Just in time for National Childhood Obesity month, the YMCA wants to provide you with the best tips to keep the children in your life happy and healthy-


Incorporate new fruits and veggies into meal time: Filling plates with a variety of different colored fruits and vegetables will make meal times more fun and enjoyable. Making sure to fill half of the plate with fruits and vegetables, help your child find their favorites. With the fruits and vegetables that they aren’t liking, try blending them into a smoothie!


Meal Prep: Try to plan meals with your family a week in advance and allow your child to choose at least one of the meals. Try to involve them in the process by making the grocery list, going shopping and preparing the meal. Having all of the week’s meals prepped can help save time and avoid the temptation of picking up less than healthy fast food on a busy school night.


Drink up: Water helps deliver oxygen all over your child’s body, and also provides benefits such as less fatigue, healthier skin, and improving brain function. Stay hydrated and drink 8-10 glasses per day with your family! Having reusable water bottles that come with a straw will ensure more water intake throughout the day! 


Get outside and move: Limiting screen time is a great way to encourage children to get outside and be active. Children should be outside for at least an hour each day, and 3 of those days they should be getting 20 minutes of more vigorous exercise. Try different sports every time you get out for exercise to help your child find their favorite!


Find activities to do as a family: Spending time with loved ones strengthens the bond of your child’s support system as well as improving their mental health. Finding fun activities such as cooking a meal together can improve moods and lower stress levels.


Get some sleep: By ending you and your child’s day with a relaxing activity, it ensures that falling asleep will come easier. Stay away from screens before going to bed, try reading a book, journaling, or listening to soft music. Children are recommended 10-12 hours of sleep each night while adults should be getting at least 9 hours.


by Katie Bruggeman, Wellness Specialist at the Fallbrook YMCA


The YMCA partners with Children's Hospital & Medical Center to offer ENERGY Fitness, a physician-referred group fitness class for youth. Read more about ENERGY Fitness HERE.