Older woman smiles and poses in the pool while holding water weights.

Staying active and maintaining your health is important for everyone at every age, including older adults. In a time of isolation and uncertainty, committing time to your health is more important than ever. Staying active and social can help prevent disease, improve mental health, and improve your overall quality of life. 

The YMCA offers many opportunities for Lincoln residents to get connected, work out safely, and improve their health. Group fitness classes offer a chance to move and challenge your body in new ways and make connections with the other members in your class. Enhance Fitness classes are arthritis management-centered and are geared towards adults of all ages who want to reduce arthritic symptoms and improve their health.

Free services, such as Health Assessments and Equipment Orientations are opportunities to track your health status and broaden your knowledge of the different workout equipment at the YMCA. 

The YMCA also offers:

  • Yoga classes, which can increase flexibility and lower stress.
  • Water Fit classes, which offer cardio and strength training that are low impact.
  • Delay the Disease, a program designed to help those with Parkinson’s disease. This program aid in movement, confidence, and independence.
  • Strength classes, group fitness classes designed to increase muscle strength and endurance.

In addition, the Cooper YMCA has recently implemented Enhanced Safety hours from 9-10am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the main level gym during which members are required to wear masks. 

For more information about classes, challenges, and activities for older adults contact your local YMCA


Written by Abigail Thacker, Wellness Specialist at the Cooper YMCA